The Impact One “Small Group” Can Have

Can one small group of men really impact a community?

Answer: Absolutely YES!

Several years ago, about a dozen men from the Sheboygan, Wis., area attended the No Regrets Conference. Four of those men were inspired and ignited to go do something for Christ and formed a small group.

Their small group initially met in John’s living but due to the rapid interest and growth they quickly needed more space and moved to his basement.

Following COVID, their group continued multiplying so they expanded their gatherings to a local banquet hall because their church – Crossroads Community Church had no permanent building at that time.

In response to the numbers of men desiring to be discipled, their church decided to host the No Regrets Men’s Conference in order to reach more men in their community. 185 men attended. The following year 235 men attended. This past year about 300 men attended the conference and 10 made a commitment to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior!

As a result, Crossroads now has a full-fledged discipleship ministry to men!

What began in 2018 with four men and a vision to reach men in their community has grown to become a fruit-producing discipleship movement!

This is the impact your support of No Regrets is making!

Join us in the Cause that Counts today and let’s see what God can do in more communities like Sheboygan. Support our ministry today.

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