DiscipleMaker 201

Building a Life-Changing Men's Ministry

What is DiscipleMaker 201?

(formerly: The Leadership Cohort)
A Strategic Training to Launch and Lead a Ministry to Men in your Church
Most ministries simply do not have a plan to engage their men in an effective, healthy, Christian community. That’s why No Regrets has developed a leadership cohort that will help you as a leader develop that very plan and build your ministry to men.  Afterwards, the men in your church and community will be actively involved in a vital, life-changing, ministry to men.
This ministry-training course will help to launch, grow, and sustain a life-changing men’s ministry. In this online-class format, attendees will collaborate with top ministry to men leaders to develop a custom, scalable, successful ministry plan.

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You should take this course if you are just starting a ministry to the men of your church; or you have already developed a strong sense of community among the men in your church and your desire is to take that to the next level; or perhaps, your men’s ministry needs a kick start to revitalize and grow. DiscipleMaker 201 is designed to give you the tools to launch and lead a reproducible ministry in your church or community.

Included in this course option:

  • Individualized coaching during course
  • 15 hours of training
  • Printed training materials, including the book “How to Build a Life Changing Men’s Ministry”
  • Build relationships with other Men’s ministry leaders
  • Design your men’s ministry plan
  • Ministry quick Reference cards


Virtual rates $250 per person /  Three or more $200 each


FALL: October 16th, 2023

All Dates for Fall 2023

Cohorts meet the third Monday of every month:
November 20, 2023
December 18, 2023
January 15, 2023
February 19, 2023
March 18, 2023


Launch a Ministry

Formal ministries in the Church are vital because they establish a sense of vitality and growth. But most guys don’t know how to grow properly once they’re given this responsibility. DiscipleMaker 201 will help establish a clear pathway for your ministry to men to grow and thrive. 

Learn to Lead

You may have many important leadership qualities already established in your repertoire. But DiscipleMaker 201 will help you focus, sharpen, and strengthen those qualities while at the same time giving you the necessary tools to start your ministry to men. 

Lean on Brothers

The feature that sets apart DiscipleMaker 201 from anything offered at No Regrets and beyond is the vital sense of community and accountability you will receive throughout the course. It might be this feature alone that makes your ministry to men successful. 

  • “The Leadership Cohort will positively impact your ministry and all areas of your life where you are trying to lead. There’s a massive eternal return on investment. You will be stretched and strengthened along the way, all for the glory of the kingdom.”

    Matt M
  • “After 12 years in men’s ministry leadership, I felt I was in a rut, and that our men’s ministry was not reaching its potential.  Just halfway through the Leadership Cohort, I feel revitalized, and our men’s ministry is already raising the bar for the work of the Lord.”

    Jeff H
  • This study provided me with a sound Biblical framework to build a thriving men’s ministry…But more than that, it’s been the relationships that I’ve developed with their team and the connections they’ve helped me make with other men’s leaders around the country that have truly impacted me personally and the way I lead our men.

    Ron S


Bible Studies for Men

For a climber of Mount Everest, basecamp is where they acclimate to the high altitude environment they have to embrace to make the summit. They meet and learn to wholly trust their team of fellow climbers. They offer each other their life stories, expose their personal vulnerabilities and become comrades with others that share the precious goal of the climb. It is not an individual – but a team with a shared purpose – that ultimately steps onto the top of the world. 

This study will be your training ground.