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Ready to Lead a Small Group?

We have a unique, powerful journey deep into discipleship.

Most Bible Studies flounder because they can’t forge an authentic Christian community. No Regrets has developed Basecamp Bible studies for men so that a deep and lasting connection forms for your men’s small group.

For climbers of Mount Everest basecamp is where they acclimate to the high altitude environment before they can reach the summit. They meet and learn to wholly trust their team of fellow climbers.  They offer each other their life stories, expose their personal  vulnerabilities and become comrades with others that share the precious goal of the climb.  It is not an individual – but a team with a shared purpose – that ultimately steps onto the top of the world. 

This study will be your training ground. 

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Our passion is that your Bible study will not only change the way you think, but also change the way you live. So we have developed the Basecamp Bible Study Series. 

This is a Bible study with a purpose. Designed to learn discipleship just as Jesus trained his twelve disciples. Lead your group  through the biblical text and learn what it means to become a disciple with practical steps to grow as a disciple.

Each week, before you get together with your teammates, you will prepare with a combination of reading from the Scriptures, watching video content and reflecting.  It’s very important that you take the preparation component seriously because the quality of your group time depends on getting your heart and mind immersed in the topic of the week.  Your discussion is designed to build you up as a team that climbs strong. You will share your stories, confront your vulnerabilities and think through your real thoughts on tough issues from week to week.  As you do your team will be there with you to encourage you to the summit.


In Basecamp You Will...

Basecamp is an intense 2-year climb to victory. But when done well, it will transform your community for Jesus. In total, this series is made up of short, digital study guides, 6-8 weeks in length, that includes video teaching, Scripture reading, thought-provoking questions and group experiences. Each lesson includes leader notes to help you lead thoughtful discussions.

A group leader or point person will set up your online group, then send an invitation link to their men to join this private, secure digital group. You can share notes, host discussions and do your homework in the privacy of your own group. 

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In Basecamp you will:

          • Learn from engaging video content
          • Host live small group meetings
          • Engage in discussions and other interactive activities.
          • Be guided through Bible studies in each session.

Online Studies include:

  1. Living as a Disciple of Jesus
  2. Building Your Spiritual Muscle
  3. Becoming The Man God Created You to Be
  4. Believing and Knowing the Truth
  5. Becoming a Man of Influence

Lead a group to being a true follower of Christ in today’s culture and climate. These studies will examine what a life led by Christ truly looks like to you. Get ready for the climb of your life.

Why Take Basecamp?

• Basecamp is an intentional journey to mature discipleship for men’s small groups.

• Biblical study offers a proven journey for men to grow spiritually.

• God’s word is unpacked and applied in timeless principles for life.

• Men will discover how to fully follow Jesus being rooted and released into purposeful living.

Who Takes Basecamp?

• Small Group Leaders looking for their next big study.

• Anyone who has said “YES” to becoming a mature follower of Jesus.

• Anyone who has struggled to make following Jesus a priority in their life.

• Anyone struggling with the burdens of life and is seeking the power of Jesus to come along side you.

• Anyone who is passionate about discipleship.


In 3 Easy Steps
1 Register using the link below
2 Leader: Sign up the group
3 Meet Weekly


  • For me, Basecamp is defining and reinforcing main biblical principles and the importance of what it means to be an authentic follower of Christ. It’s laying out a scriptural picture of what the Christian life is and isn’t while emphasizing the necessity to be part of a close group of men who have your back and trust you to have theirs no matter where you are in your walk with the Lord.

    Lon N
  • I have been involved with No Regrets since 2011.  The Lord has blessed me with leading No Regrets for the past 7 years.  Over and over God has transformed men’s lives through the NR series.  Men learn what it truly means to be a disciple of Christ.  They learn and become the father God intended them to be.  They become the husband who cherishes and serves his wife.  They become a godly worker/boss, leader in the church, servant in all they do.  They become the men that God intended them to be.

    Bob D


We Can Set you Up for Success!

The perfect companion piece to our Basecamp Bible Studies are our leadership development courses! Designed in such a way that any man anywhere at any time can begin to build a DiscipleMaking movement right from his couch. Follow the link below to learn more.