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Your passion for seeing ministry to men ring around the world and through to the kingdom of God is not some arbitrary desire! It is a belief in what the world could be. A world where the sleeping giant of the Church – men – is awoken. No Regrets Men’s Ministry seeks to equip, encourage, and inspire those men to be forces of good in their communities, in their marriages, in their lives, and beyond.

We believe making Disciples is God’s means to change the world. We have a vision to train and equip an army of Disciple Making Leaders, mobilized to build intentional means to disciple men in their sphere of influence. We do this by delivering effective curriculum, powerful resources and hosting supportive communities.

Wake up The Sleeping Giant

According to a Recent survey conducted by Lifeway Research, 77% of pastors say they need help developing leadership in their congregation. This is the area in which we believe men need to wake up! They need to get out of the pews and into the game. So everything we do is designed so that ordinary men become fearless influencers of society – they become leaders who disciple men – until a movement of mens discipleship is launched worldwide. 

Your financial investment can help change the world by equipping a generation of leaders to be disciple makers who build and sustain intentional disciple making ministries.
Current Pastor Needs

How is No Regrets Funded?

75% funded by donations

The No Regrets Men’s Ministry is primarily funded in 3 major ways. The first, is from Ministry sponsors. These are organizations that believe in the ministry and want to establish a mutual give-and-take with No Regrets. The second way is through the sale of our conference, study, and training materials. But far and away,

the bulk of funding comes from individual donors just like you! 

Nearly 75% of all funds raised by No Regrets comes from the generous giving of donors like you. Most of them giving in little ways as monthly supporters. You can help support the ministry as well, just follow the link below! 

We invite you to invest in this mission to build a generation of Disciple-Making Leaders


is $240 per year

Enables one man to be trained as a disciple-making leader


is $1200 per year

Enables a church to train a group of men to implement disciple-making ministry


is $3000 per year

Enables a community of churches to launch life-changing disciple-making ministries

No Regrets testimonial

Check out our latest report to see how God is multiplying the impact of so many generous partners and supporters.

You’ll find a more in-depth response to some of the most common questions we get asked. Things like: what problems are we trying to solve? What impact will your donation have? In what way can you help change the world? If these interest you, consider reviewing our full impact report below: 

How does your gift help build a generation of disciple making leaders?

Invest in Disciple-Making

Invest in the completion of our full curriculum and resources to finish our tool set to equip disciple making leaders and provide them disciple making tools. We need additional staff to finish this work. 

Invest in our capacity

There is more need than we have the capacity to meet.  We need to hire trainers, coaches and support people to increase disciple makers and accelerate the impact.

Increase our outreach

There are too many leaders and churches who want to be effective, intentional disciple makers but just need a plan and process to follow.  We have the solution to their needs.  We need people and technology to reach them and help get them started.

Our Impact

Ministry Needs:


If you have a passion to see men growing in their faith together, then this is for you. No Regrets Men’s Ministry always has a need for an extensive volunteer network. Current volunteer needs would include: 

Conference volunteers 
Copy editors


As you saw above, one of the biggest needs No Regrets has in order to grow as a ministry is funding. If you have a passion for seeing a disciple-making movement explode among men, then we encourage you to support our mission! You can do this by filling out the form below. 


Another fantastic way to support the ministry is through prayer. Your prayers strengthen us and encourage us in our efforts to reach the sleeping giant of the church: Men. If you can’t give financially, consider this support option. We can always use prayer for

  • Volunteers
  • Financial Support
  • The Creation of our Study materials 

No Regrets Men’s Ministry is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization primary funded by generous giving by those who believe discipleship will change the world.