IMPACT – Six Principles to Help You Deeply Impact Your World

Every team that is successful has one guy they go to in the clutch. When the game is on the line, when the pressure is on and the team needs a score or stop, this is the person they go to. In their glory years, the Bulls would go to MJ.  The Packers went to Starr, Favre or Rogers. The Lakers would go to Kareem, Kobe or LeBron. The Dodgers would go to Koufax or Kershaw.  The Chicago Bears go to . . . really no one! 

One of the greatest examples I ever witnessed was Joe Montana in the Super Bowl between San Francisco and Cincinnati in 1989.  Everyone in the huddle thought the same thing, “Here he goes again. It is the Dallas game all over again.” The San Francisco 49ers were down by three points with 3:20 left when Montana spotted – no, not an open receiver – but a personality. “There, in the stands, standing near the exit ramp,” Montana said to Harris Barton. “Isn’t that John Candy?” And then he threw the winning touchdown with 34 seconds left. This was one of 31 fourth-quarter comebacks Montana had in the NFL.

Men, have you noticed, the game is on the line in the culture around us? No matter what segment of society you look at, there are major problems and issues that need to be addressed, and God is searching for that man who will be completely available to His service. 

If you desire to be such a man, take a look at six characteristics of the man God uses to become a fearless influencer of society. The acronym IMPACT will serve as our outline. 

I – Intimacy with Jesus: The principle we see throughout scripture is the closer you get to Jesus, the greater the impact you will have for Jesus. One of the hardest lessons to learn is how closely our walk relates to our work for Jesus. Often, the dysfunctional way we are doing the work of Jesus is actually ruining the work of Jesus in our own lives. What does it look like for you to “abide” in Jesus?

M – Multiply: A multiplication mindset is one that is living for the next generation. The call of every disciple of Jesus is to make disciples that make disciples that make disciples. The founder of the Navigators, Dawson Trotman, would often ask his staff, “Where are your men?” So, I ask you today, who are you investing in? If you are leading a small group, who is your apprentice? 

P – Prayer: There is no greater power in the world than the power of prayer. All of the great movements of God can be traced to the prayers of his people. If we are going to be used by God, we must be men of prayer. God releases his power into our lives, families, churches and communities through prayer. Who are the people you are praying for on a regular basis?

A – Available: It is not your ability, but your availability. The glory of Christianity is that a surrendered soul, available in a humble (even bumbling) way is all that God needs. God does not demand, manipulate or inhabit you against your will. Simply offer your availability and you’re in the game with the power of the universe working through you.

“I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, ‘Whom shall I send and who will go for us?’ Then I said, ‘Here am I; send me.’”  Isaiah 6:8 

C – Character: Character is who you are when no one is looking. The world today is tired of all our talk, and they are looking for living proof of our allegiance to Jesus. Nothing is more important to preface the words that you speak than the life that you lead – your behavior. If we want to make a difference in the world today, closing the character gap is a big place to start. Ask the Holy Spirit to shine the light of his holiness into your life and show you where he wants to work on your Christlike character.

T – The Order of the Towel (Servant): Jesus made it abundantly clear that his style of leadership was not one of power, position or prestige, but one of being a servant. It is not about what others can do for you, but what you can do for them so they can become all that God desires them to be.What are some practical ways that you can serve those around you?

I believe that each one of you wants to impact your world deeply. These six principles will help you to do just that. 

If you desire to be a force for good in the world, and seek the tools and training to do that, learn about our DiscipleMaker 101 course.  

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