For years I led a small Bible Study amid the swaying pines in southern Wisconsin. Despite the idyllic beauty of the place, our group started as a poor, exhausted team of wearied people. So I was determined that each group meeting would end one way. Every member had to walk away inspired. The fact is:...
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For nearly 30 years, No Regrets Men’s Ministry has been involved in creating intentional, disciple-making ministries to men all around the world. It has been an incredible adventure that has given us some invaluable insights. In fact, we think that if you begin to create an intentional plan to disciple the men of your church...
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We think of Mother Theresa, Abe Lincoln, or Gandhi. While it's not less than that, Jesus does not mean servant leadership stops at gentle leadership. Rather, becoming a servant-leader requires....
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Wherever I go in the country – the world for that matter – I get the same question. “What are men looking for in the church today?” Sometimes it comes out as “What can we do to keep the men of this church?” Sometimes the question sounds like “How can our church reach more men?...
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