50 Plus! What Now?

50 Plus! What Now?

It’s true: there are significant life changes after 50
50 Plus! What now?

Being prepared is the best way to turn those changes into something powerfully positive.

We invite you to gather one or more small groups for this faith-based, practical workshop to fuel and focus this vulnerable group.

For most people, turning 50 heralds a period of great personal upheaval. The hits just keep on coming. The solid foundation of job, friends, family and faith all quake as nests become empty, retirement plans become real, job satisfaction decreases, aging parents need support, and personal physical limitations increase. Coping with all these changes leaves many people less satisfied with life and left adrift.  

What can you do to help? Consider offering this 5-week interactive class with a proven track record of sharpening skills to help participants navigate these changes with confidence and success. You provide the group with a facilitator; we provide the tools to help people turn this confusing time into something fulfilling and rewarding by:

  • identifying their personal vision/life purpose
  • exploring effective ways to manage time
  • developing stronger relationships
  • building faith
  • becoming proactive about pursuing opportunities to serve others in the church and community. 


This easy-to use 5-week plug and play course includes:

A professionally produced instructional video for each session.  These web-based videos are available on demand. Each video includes teaching, timers for discussion groups, summary of homework assignments and more.


Participant workbooks with supplemental information and discussion questions. Provided in pdf format, these instructional workbooks are easily distributed by email. They are formatted for easy printing on home printers or at local print shops, should you or your class members prefer hard copies.


Leader’s guide with helpful tips for stimulating impactful conversations. Also in pdf format, this guide supplements the participant’s guide with the tips for guiding the discussion groups and for opening/closing the class sessions.

  • As a church leader, it was exciting to see so many people pumped up about serving others.” 

  • I had a career that I loved for years until I was downsized out of a job. 50Plus! What Now? gave me an opportunity to discover how to use those experiences and education as a volunteer!” 

  • The 50Plus class has given me a roadmap to develop my next 30 years; to love the serving of others in retirement.” 

  • I was a table leader at several 50 Plus! What Now? classes.  I was almost blinded as light bulb after light bulb went off when people saw how the course material could help them. Months after the end of the class I am gratified to see that they are still pursing the plan that they developed in class and that they are now loving the next years of their lives.”


Materials for the class are available by email request to: